We offer various types of ceiling to suit the needs of our clients. Depending on budget, specification and design, either one or a combination of different ceiling types can be used.

Mineral Fibre Ceilings
Use a metal grid, suspended below the roof or floor of a building, mineral fibre tiles are inserted in to the grid. Advantages are that it allows easy access to the ceiling void if required and damaged tiles are easily replaced. Benefits include cost, acoustic and insulation performance.

Plasterboard Ceilings
Either fixed directly to the building structure or suspended on a metal framework. The system can be tailored to offer sound and fire resisting properties where required. With the addition of feature boards and vertical upstands, a very impressive ceiling is achievable.

Metal Ceilings
Use a metal grid system with metal tiles easily inserted. This system can also provide easy access to the ceiling void if required and individual tiles are easily replaced. The tiles are available in various sizes, with either a perforated pattern or just a plain tile.