About Us

Our objective, regardless of the size or type of project is to minimise the impact the works have on the day to day activities of our clients. By fully understanding the constraints of the project and careful planning we can ensure the impact and affect of the project on staff, neighbours and members of the public are kept to an absolute minimum.

Our Key Objectives


We only ever price for the works required. Every project is fully detailed and priced on an elemental basis. This means that should the works vary in any way, all costs are readily identifiable and can be easily amended.


We only use recognised suppliers and experienced tradesmen. Each project is fully managed from start to finish to ensure everything is completed to our strict standards, and ultimately to the satisfaction of our clients.


We understand the importance of ensuring that every project, regardless of size,is finished by the agreed date.


As we deal direct with the manufacturers and suppliers, and have our own tradesman we cut out all the unnecessary costs. Using Interspace means you are only paying for the work you need done.


Regardless of the size and nature of the project, we fully understand the need to keep things clean. Even the smallest job can generate dust and debris, so we ensure that every project is fully protected whilst the works are undertaken, and everything is cleaned up and removed from site as quickly as possible.